1. Immigration and Visas
    Looking to live in Australia?

  2. Getting to Australia
    Helpful information about travelling

  3. Removalists
    How to move your belongings to Australia

  4. Money matters
    Opening an Australian bank account

  5. Jobs & Employment in Australia    
    Finding a job in Australia

  6. Real Estate in Australia
    Renting or buying a property

  7. Healthcare
    Things you should know about Australia's healthcare system when you move to Australia

  8. Technology 
    Moving to Australia and buying an Australian mobile phone. 

  9. Utilities in Australia    
    Connecting utilities when you move to Australia

  10. Australian Culture
    Learn the lingo - Aussie slang

This article covers general information about Things you need to know about moving to Australia , and doesn't take your individual circumstances into account. Please use it as a guide only.