All you need to know on setting up utilities in Australia - Energy, Electricity, Gas & Water

There can be a lot to do when moving to Australia. During the moving process, organising the connection of utilities is something that often gets left to the last minute.  The best time to connect utilities at your new place is in the final few days before you move in.

When connecting utilities you generally need to have the following details handy:

  • the address of your new place
  • the date you want your service connected
  • your personal details including contact numbers and one form of identification (passport, driver's licence or Medicare number)

What options are available to connect utilities?

1)    You can connect utilities like electricity, water; gas etc. yourself by spending time calling different providers to get across their plans. Here are some links to service providers:

2)    You can seek the help of a Specialist service provider that can do all this for you:

There are service providers that can save you time by doing the leg-work for you. They can arrange connections to services like water, electricity, and gas on your behalf. All that is required is to call them and provide some specific details. They can also offer discounts and deals to save you money and make the transition into your new place easier.

Here are some links to some specialist service providers:

Comparison sites

Across much of Australia people now have the freedom to choose their own electricity or gas provider. However, with a range of different electricity rates and gas rates available, making an informed choice is not easy.

There are comparison sites, such as that can help make it easier to perform an electricity or gas comparison so that you can quickly see what you might be able to save. Be sure to check out the fine print, to ensure there are no hidden costs.

This article covers general information about Utilities - Getting access to services in Australia , and doesn't take your individual circumstances into account. Please use it as a guide only.